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Analysis and ideation

Analyzing potentials, generating ideas and deriving product concepts

Each product development campaign requires a compelling idea that is at the same time technically and economically feasible. In close collaboration with the client, we analyze potentials for the company, and systematically find ideas for the development of a particular product solution.

For potential analysis and idea generation, we use systematic creativity technologies in a workshop environment. This is accompanied by a thorough assessment of the scientific and industrial state-of-the-art and future direction of the underlying technology. Technological, economic as well as customer competencies and preferences are included in the assessment.

The use of workshops makes it possible to focus exclusively on the development of viable solutions, undisturbed by day-to-day business. It also allows a progressive and collaborative working atmosphere to unfold and the desired breakthrough results to be produced in a time-saving and reliable manner.

Overall, our analysis and brainstorming results in a clear product concept with the following focus areas:

  1. feasibility assessment
  2. clearly defined technical description
  3. technical-economic feasibility assessment
  4. detailed development roadmap

Sample project scopes

Acquire understanding and impressions about our services and working methods.

Clean-tech product ideation

In an interactive collaboration with our client, we develop novel product ideas and derive corresponding product concepts. For generating ideas, we use systematic creativity techniques to trigger “out of the box” thinking in the team and thereby generate breakthrough ideas. We conclude this process with a thorough analysis of the economic, technical and scientific aspects for further development towards an in-detail product solution.

Technology trend analysis

Entering new product fields often requires the involvement of new technologies and the application of novel engineering methods. We provide you with targeted support in the areas of machine learning, data-driven analyses, physical modeling and advanced engineering methods, as well as with novel technologies for energy systems at all levels of detail – from the overall system to detailed parts. We highlight the potentials of these methods and technologies as well as possible hurdles in their application. We also address the technological maturity and applicability to your products and provide knowledge and methods for integration into your daily business.

Sustainability transformation assessment

Established technological companies can rely on a rich pool of valuable technical expertise. This expertise can generate enormous industrialization momentum in the emerging fields of sustainable energy and mobility. As part of our ideation offering, we carry out assessments – together with the customers – of existing expertise, and their applicability as well as transferability onto new technologies.

Explore our case studies or contact us directly to learn more.

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