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Why Anovion?

Team-oriented, enthusiastic about technology with breakthough mindsets

Are you looking for a unique challenge? Do you want to make a difference that matters? Are you enthusiastic about technology? Then we share the same mindset. Let's work together to develop breakthrough technical solutions fo a zero-CO2 economy. Check out four reasons why you should work with us and feel free to contact us to find out how to get involved.

Four reasons to work with us

Reason one

Accelerate the clean-tech revolution

Our mission is to accelerate the creation of a zero-CO2 economy through technological development. We are convinced that by providing breakthrough engineering solutions for energy systems with zero CO2 emissions, which are capable to make a measurable contribution to this clean-tech revolution. This can only be accomplished by people working together. Thus, Anovion strives to be meeting place for people that share the vision of a prosperous planet where the fight against climate change is being won.

We are united by a common passion for technology, driven by the mission to make measurable contribution for a civilization. Our culture seeks to empower the individuals and the team in a synergetic fashion, which is governed by a needs-oriented communication and the drive to deliver tangible results. Anovion offers a work environment in which the advancement of the individual is fostered by the team and the advancement of the team by the individual.

Reason two

Achieve extraordinary things in a team

Reason three

Always seek new challenges and develop yourself

We offer challenging, technologically exciting, and varying work topics with a high degree of methodological and thematic diversity. Our day-to-day operations are characterized by advanced engineering with clean tech foci, and the idealistic atmosphere to counteract climate change.  Everybody at Anovion is given the opportunity to constantly dive into new topics in order to constantly challenge and develop themselves as well as to accomplish breakthrough results.

We believe that the teams, their people, and their work, are the decisive factors for a sustained success of every company. Thus, for us it is a natural given that every employee should participate in the success of the company. For this reason, we offer competitive employment compensation conditions along with employee stock ownership programs (ESOP).

Reason four

Become truly a part of a company

Tell us about your career plans and ambitions for the future!

Inspired by our website? Let's get in touch, network and share how we can contribute together and drive technology developments for a sustainable economy.

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