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Product build up

Building and commissioning the physical product

At this stage, the product becomes tangible and operational for the first time. After the model-based development and optimization, we build and commission functional prototypes at various levels of fidelity of the product. The goal is to evaluate the usability and performance of the product as the basis for low-cost stage design adjustments. Through iterative loops of performance evaluations and design adjustments, we reach the objective of a finished product that is fully functional, optimized in terms of performance and usability as well as scalable. This iterative finalization process is equally applied to products that are explicitly virtual, software-oriented, or fully integrated hardware solutions.

We at Anovion take over all stages of the building and implementation process – from pre-planning and documentation, through procurement and production with our partners, to the assembly and integration of the prototype or finished product. Our focus is not only producing the product, but also on establishing a test and service environment in which the subsequent product validation phase can take place. This holistic approach makes it possible to shorten development and integration times for the product and ultimately to create a robust and scalable solution.

Our service spectrum ranges from (a) building and commissioning prototypes at various levels of fidelity, b) developing the finalized product with a deployment and scalability roadmap, and (c) providing the integrated solution consisting of product and test environment for further development phases.

Sample project scopes

Acquire understanding and impressions about our services and working methods.

Prototyping and design iterations

Following the lean product development approach, we build prototyes at various levels. These levels range from functional components to non-functional mock-ups of the product. The former is used e.g. to validate corresponding models, and to run hybrid optimization loops of the components. The latter is used for validation of usability or even as an exhibition item for tangibility reasons. Our prototyping work is often carried out in parallel to the model-based engineering work in order to facilitate an iterative design optimization as well as to accelerate the development cycles.

Hardware demonstration prototype

We build the prototype of hardware solutions based on readily available model-based development results. This includes planing and preparing the workshop facilities, procurement of all required parts followed by carrying out the assembly work. After that, the prototype is equipped with sensorics and embedded into a test bed for commissioning. Thorough commissioning is then carried out in order to establish real-world functionality of the prototype.

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