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Product validation

Testing and validating the product against key performance indicators

After successful commissioning, we at Anovion offer two steps of validation. In the first step, the prototype is characterized in terms of behavior and efficiency. This is done by means of suitable test environments with appropriate measurement technology and control software, which we design and set up.

The second step is validation, using realistic operation conditions as test routines. For this step, a “prototype-in-the-loop” approach is pursued, i.e. the physical system is virtually integrated into the end-application, and thus exposed to realistic operating conditions during the test cycles. This ensures that the validation matches the expected operational requirements in the real world.

Our services include the setup of appropriate test procedures and programs, data acquisition with suitable measurement technologies as well as the subsequent processing, analysis and visualization of the data. From these data sets, performance indicators are obtained and directly displayed, or higher-level system behavior in its environment validated.

Sample project scopes

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Setup of measuring chain and data acquisition

Information is only as good as its source. For this reason, we place highest priority on carefully selecting the right measurement method and sensor technology for the characterization and validation tasks. This includes the setup of the appropriate measurement chain and data acquisition. We employ custom based applications for acquisition of static and highly dynamic signals using conventional sensors, acoustic senors or even high-speed laser-optical methods.

Analysis and visualization of dynamical data

Dynamic measurement data of a prototype’s performance are important for a thorough finalization of the products under consideration. This importance is due to three distinct reasons: (1) Measurements yield the “hard” physical truth of the performance of the product, and thus the foundation of successful validations. (2) Key performance indicators (e.g. efficiencies) can be evaluated from measurement traces, which are the basis for rating the product and identifying optimization potentials. (3) Measurement data are the basis for employing machine learning approaches e.g. for system identification to expand the physical insight associated with the product performance or for training intelligent control algorithms.

Particular the machine learning approaches resemble a path to new levels of product quality as by ensuring optimal operation at all times considering longevity, efficiency and operation scenarios.

Anovion provides a set of services that allow to harvest these data-based advantages and potentials in accordance with the product and customers needs. Specifically, we can assembly individualize dashboard to visualize to validation progress or derive and illustrate key performance indicators. Also, we can offer to systematically acquire and structure data explicitly for usage in machine learning training procedures or for system identification approaches.

In-the-loop product validation setup and campaign

It is imperative to resemble a maximum degree of real-world condition for the validation of a technical product.

For this purpose, “in-the-loop” approaches represent an effective approach. Here, the product under validation is embedded in a test bench that is capable of generating real operating conditions as test routines. The operating conditions come from numerical simulations based on corresponding models of the end application and are applied as boundary conditions to the system under test. The great advantage of this approach is that different operating conditions can be simulated in a simple and cost-effective manner without the need to build a full-scale product prototype or to visit appropriate climatic regions, for example.

We at Anovion offer services that enable “in-the-loop” validation campaigns. We can provide the design and build of a custom test bed environment, including equipping the test bed with appropriate sensors, controls and virtual modeling environment to create realistic test routines for the end application. In addition, we can proactively conduct comprehensive “in-the-loop” validation campaigns tailored to the customer’s individual product and needs.


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